Wednesday, 2 February
Prospective Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures
10:00 Welcome by SETAC Dave Arnold (SETAC Europe, BE)
10:05 Welcome by Scientific Steering Committee Tom Hutchinson (CEFAS, UK)
10:15 Plenary: Setting the scene: Is mixtures risk assessment necessary and feasible? Andreas Kortenkamp (School of Pharmacy, London University, UK)
11:15 Discussion
11:35 Risk Assessment of Mixtures: the View from the European Commission Patrick Murphy (European Commission DG Environment, BE)
12:30 Lunch Posters & Exhibition
13:40 Cumulative Risk Assessment: Theory, Practice and Perspective John Lipscomb (US EPA, US)
14:35 Mode of action approaches to mixtures Joop Hermens (Utrecht University, NL)
15:30 Coffee/Tea Posters & Exhibition
15:55 Case study 1: Mixture toxicity considerations in the ecotoxicological risk assessment for plant protection products Lennart Weltje (BASF, DE)
16:50 Case study 2: Complex mixtures of chemicals in the aquatic environment and their effects on fish John Sumpter (Brunel University, UK)
17:45 Cocktail & Poster session
19:00 Dinner


Thursday, 3 February
Retrospective Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures
8:25 How does the WFD address cumulative stress (including mixture toxicity) of pollutants to achieve good chemical and ecological status of water bodies? Theo Brock (Wageningen University / Alterra, NL)
9:20 Eco-epidemiology as a tool for unravelling causation in the field Scott Dyer (Procter & Gamble, US)
10:15 Coffee/Tea Posters & Exhibition
10:35 Effect-Directed Analysis to Identify Chemical Mixtures in Stressed Aquatic Ecosystems Werner Brack (UFZ Centre for Environmental Research, DE)
11:30 Case study 3: Determining the need for cumulative risk assessments: When is REACH insufficient and by how much? Paul Price (Dow Chemical Company, US)
12:25 Lunch Posters & Exhibition
13:30 Mixtures in the soil environment in the context of the coming soil directive Claus Svendsen & David Spurgeon (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK)
14:25 Position of the SCHER Working Group on mixtures Marco Vighi (Milan University, IT)
14:50 Summary of the symposium Thomas Backhaus (Göteborg University, SE)
15:15 Open discussion: Where to go from here?
16:30 Coffee/Tea Farewell